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In the world where technology has advanced so much, the gaming industry has also shown tremendous growth in every context whether graphical representation, story line or configuration. Gaming has become a part of youth now and many big companies are investing in the gaming sector for example- EA SPORTS, UBISOFT, 2K etc. as it is a very profitable business. In a world full of stress playing virtual games helps in releasing the mental pressure and calms the mind by keeping the person in a different world of gaming where the person indulges into a virtual world away from all the real life problems.

Gaming now days is not only for the youth but also the adults prefer it as it a great stress busting activity, due to which maximum sales in games sector does not comes from kids but from the adults. Virtual gaming has different platforms the most widely used being the computer as a platform but there are other gaming platforms also available such as play station by Sony, Xbox devices by Microsoft, etc.

Games like Tetris, Super Mario are some low level games but are one the most grossing games ever. The series from Grand Theft Auto is the most widely known gaming series the latest one being the ‘GTA V’ that created a wave of craziness all over the world in regards to its gaming experience as it was just perfect in terms of everything. The company even claimed to have a real life experience if the user plays with its highest configuration.

Gaming is even pushing itself in terms of virtual and augmented gaming which is also a different experience. This industry has a bright future as the people always resort to it as their prime hobby.

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